Plano Child Custody Lawyers

Plano child custody lawyers have an incredibly important job. Whether two parents are going through a divorce and establishing a co-parenting plan, or an unmarried couple is looking to establish a transparent custodial arrangement, the team at Jim Ross Law Group is ready to help.

Our law firm is home to some of the best and brightest child custody lawyers in Plano TX, working to, not just create a fair plan amongst parents and other adults involved, but to make decisions that are best for children. This should be the top priority and, unfortunately, is often one of the aspects that get lost in these proceedings.

Jim Ross Law Group provides clients with help and insight that is rooted in decades of combined experience. We’ll help you make decisions that contribute to quality, fulfilling co-parenting arrangements that allow children to thrive.


Why work with Jim Ross Law Group as your Plano child custody lawyers?

Jim Ross Law Group is a worthy resource for anyone going through a divorce and trying to navigate the many processes that come with it. This can include anything from property division and alimony to child support.

Child custody is arguably one of the most important facets of a divorce, which is why it’s so important to have seasoned attorneys in your corner. By working with our child custody lawyers in Plano TX, you have an advocate that will:

  • Explain to you the various types of custody. Custody arrangements come in all different forms and most parents don’t know about all of them. Our team members will take the time to help you understand the various forms of child custody to determine which might be best in your situation.
  • Advocate for the best interests of your children. The needs of children should echo the loudest in these proceedings. Adults often fight over what they want in a child custody arrangement, but don’t necessarily reflect the needs of the child. Jim Ross Law Group shines the light back on the kids.
  • Establish a legally-binding child custody arrangement or file to make changes to an existing one. A child custody arrangement isn’t set in stone. You can work with our Plano child custody lawyers to install the original order, but you can also work with our team to make changes to your existing agreement.

The team at Jim Ross Law Group wants to thank you for entrusting us with this incredible responsibility. Our Plano child custody lawyers are ready to field your questions or concerns via a free consultation.